Monday, October 6, 2014

Musterfield Farm Harvest Day 2014

by Jaimie Jusczyk, Digital Marketing Specialist

After a rainy Saturday, I awoke Sunday morning, October 5, to blue skies and warm sunshine, the perfect day to head on over to Muster Field Farm in North Sutton for their annual Harvest Day event. Muster Field Farm delivers Monday through Saturday to the Concord Food Co-op of New London fresh produce, including a variety of apples, potatoes, red peppers, and different kinds of seasonal squash and pumpkins. I regularly see farm manager, Steve at the Co-op and thought I would go visit his stomping grounds on this beautiful fall day.
View of the Pillsbury Barn.
If you have visited Muster Field Farm before, you will know that it is a very special place with large open fields covering 250 acres and lots of unique buildings from the local area to create a sprawling museum. Every building is packed with vintage farm equipment, quaint signs, horse drawn vehicles, worn housewares, stories from the past and everything in between.
Making fresh pressed apple cider at Muster Field Farm.
The Harvest Day opened the gates for us to explore the grounds, enjoy hot homemade soups, enjoy fresh pressed cider made right before us, chat with a local historian, watch a basket making demonstration (while eating the basket makers birthday cake! Yummy!) and wander the grounds and buildings before hitting the farm stand to stock up on apples. There is plenty of space for the kids and the tractor was hooked up to a hay wagon for rides around the farm. I even tried walking on stilts, which was a lot harder than I imagined it would be!
I had to have some helpful tips from this kid who seemed to have mastered stilt walking.
As well as seeing the fields where the volunteers toil to provide us delicious produce for great prices, Muster Field Farm also has a few cows, pigs, chickens and beehives, making it a great place to bring the kids to meet the animals and see where their food comes from. The drive alone is well worth the visit too as you wind past the Follansbee Inn to take in the view of Kezar Lake, which is stunning this time of year.
Cows enjoying the sun at Muster Field Farm.

To view the visiting hours of Muster Field Farm museum and farm stand, visit their website at and don't forget to look up their next open day, Ice Day in January 2015.
The next time you are at our New London store, say Hello to Steve if he is making his deliveries and try his produce, you'll love it!