Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Green Concord Harvest Festival

by Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

It was a real pleasure to serve as the Co-op’s representative of Green Concord for the Green Concord Harvest Festival on September 8.  This celebration/fundraiser at Dimond Hill Farm in Concord included music, food, a guided herb walk, and beverages in one ticket price.  Together we raised $3,000 for the permanent conservation of the Triacca Project-a conservation project to preserve a valuable parcel of land adjacent to Dimond Hill Farm which includes wetlands, farmland and woods owned by the Triacca family.  
On the left:Board members from 5RCT on the Right: Some of our GC Members
Thank you to all of our generous sponsors and those of you who came out on that very stormy night to have fun and to ensure this land is protected for future generations. 

For more information on Fiver River Conservation Trust click  here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Co-op’s Event Benefits Concord Boys and Girls Club

 by Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

Co-op’s Event Benefits Concord Boys and Girls Club

This past month the Concord Food Cooperative initiated a program to partner with community non-profit organizations.   Beginning with our Oktoberfest  and continuing with future co-op events, members generally will attend without charge and a nominal fee is asked of non-members. One hundred percent of these proceeds, as well as donations made by Co-op members, are presented to a community organization.

On behalf of our members and visitors that attended our Oktoberfest event, we are pleased to present a check for $1,000  to the Concord Boys and Girls Club. Our next event will be the Holiday Tapas on November 8.  Again, there will be a charge of $10 for non-members and members attend for free (donations are encouraged).  The beneficiary for Tapas will be the Friends Program, another well deserving community non-profit in Concord.

Left to Right Paula, John and Chris from the CBGC, Shane, and Chef Mike
To register for Tapas Night at the Co-op please call the store at 225-6840 or email
For more information on the Concord Boys and Girls Club click here
For more information on the Friends Program click here

Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Concord Harvest Festival

by Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator

Thanks to all who came out in support of the Green Concord Harvest Festival on September 8. All proceeds from the festival benefited the Five Rivers Conservation Trust.  Specifically, funds were earmarked for the final acquisition of land adjacent to Dimond Hill Farm.  Included in the acreage is valuable farmland, woods, and wetlands owned by the Triacca family.  Collectively we raised $3,000 to directly support the Triacca project.

The event included food, beverages and music of all kinds-all of it donated or supplied at cost.  We are all very thankful to have such deep community support for local land conservation projects.

The Co-op was one of three Green Concord member food vendors at the event.  Chef Mike served up BBQ chicken and corn from Dimond Hill.  The Works and Cafe Indigo were also on hand  offering vegetarian and vegan options for food.
Green Concord is an alliance of local businesses in the Concord, New Hampshire area that offer environmentally-friendly products and services. We seek to foster a greener way of doing business and create a truly sustainable local economy.  The Co-op is one of the founding members of Green Concord and continues to be very active in the group.

For more information about Green Concord click here

Monday, October 1, 2012

Derek Owen-Co-op and Community Leader

 by Shane Smith, Outreach Coordinator
Over the years the Co-op has posted several newsletter articles about Derek Owen and/or the Owen Farm.  Derek has served on the Board of Directors for the Co-op at various times over the years and he is currently serving on the board.   The Co-op looked to Derek’s wisdom when partnering with Concord Health officials to legalize the retail sale of raw milk in January 2011.
Many of you who have had the privilege to visit the Owen Farm are probably also aware that Derek serves as a representative in the New Hampshire House.  He has represented the Merrimack 4 District since 1992.  In his many years of public service, including serving service his home town of Hopkinton as chair of the Hopkinton Conservation Commission, Derek has sought to bring New Hampshire agriculture issues to the forefront. While a state representative Derek garnered reputation for taking on tough jobs others wouldn’t try by using the same common sense approach to legislation that he applied to farming and stone masonry work.

Owen may be most famous (some may say infamous) for introducing bills in the state legislature to permit hemp farming, in 1998 and 1999, but they were narrowly defeated both times.
 He took his fight to even higher governmental levels where he filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court along with the New Hampshire Hemp Council, a non-profit education and advocacy group, after the U.S. District Court and 1st Circuit Court of Appeals rejected their interpretation of federal law.  Owen has also served extensively on the House Environment and Agriculture Committee.  Derek is also a staunch defender of the environment, both in politics and in practice, recognizing we have only one earth and we must protect it from those who do it harm.

Derek is not going to run again for another term and although his rivals in office have branded him a “liberal" and a “socialist”, (claims he doesn’t necessarily refute) I think we all owe a debt of thanks to Derek for his commitment, not only to politically promoting his values, but living them as well.  As his last term draws to a close, I was glad to have seen him in action at the State House recently.  Aptly, he was introducing legislation to open up state owned land to young and beginning farmers for little or no lease fee.  

For more information on the Owen Farm click here